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Sigma Infinity Point Lipstick - Deja Vu

Sigma Infinity Point Lipstick - Deja Vu


Cozy up with this natural, peachy nude lip color, featuring a hydrating satin finish and deluxe patented ridge. A groundbreaking combination of science and beauty, this innovative lipstick never loses its point for a precise and beautiful application every time.


Déjà vu - Soft cognac nude 

Function: Provides a precise lip application

Unique Feature: Patented ridge that never loses its point

Recommended Use: Precisely apply color to the lips and Cupid’s bow in one pigmented swipe

Coverage: Medium to Full; Buildable

Additional Info:

  • Patented ridge for precise application
  • Unique teardrop shape
  • Never loses its point
  • Hydrating formula
  • Moisture-rich color
  • Long-wearing
  • Magnetic lid to ensure lipstick stays locked in place
  • Scratch-resistant packaging