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Our Cordial Bracelet Stack includes:

Chip Collection - Raspberry Wine Bracelet
Geode Collection - Sphinx Bracelet
Glitz Collection - Speckle Bracelet
Farrah Collection - Raspberry Wine Bracelet
Glory Collection - Coal Bracelet



Looking for help to determine what size Kinsley Armelle bracelets you should order? You've come to the right place! We have a simple way that you can find out what size will be best for you:

Grab A Dollar Bill

Our "Dollar Bill Method" is the simplest way to find your size. If you have a spare dollar (or any bill denomination will work, you big spender!), grab it. We are going to use it to measure your wrist.



Step 1: Wrap the dollar bill around the smallest part of your wrist.

Step 2: Does any part of the dollar bill touch itself when wrapping it around?

If YES, you should order our "S / M" bracelets to avoid the bracelet slipping around too much and being uncomfortable.

If ALMOST, you should probably order our "S / M" bracelets. If the dollar bill is within 1 inch of touching, you will most likely prefer the smaller size. We've found that most customers would prefer it to not be too loose, so it's best to order smaller. Don't worry, if it's not large enough, we can totally get a larger size exchanged for you, hassle free.

If NO, you should order our "L / XL" bracelets to avoid it being too tight and uncomfortable.

Step 3. That's it! If you have any questions or doubts, just remember, our team is on standby to get you paired with the perfect set of bracelets. You can always reach out directly to our team at 

** I also like to suggest that you can size according to your normal shirt size. For example, if you normally wear a S/M top, you would best fit our S/M bracelets.

** If you normally wear a L/XL/2X top, I would suggest getting the L/XL stacks. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the most common size? Size S / M is ordered more frequently; this is likely due to many of our bracelets being stretchy and resizable. Prior to offering multiple sizes, S / M was our "default" size.

How much difference is there between S / M and L / XL? The difference is approximately 1-2cm (less than 1 inch). Many customers mix and match different sizes because both will fit. Different sizes are mainly offered for personal preferences depending how you like it to fit on your arm (sliding up and down vs tight)



•• All stacks come with a Kinsley Armelle tin, styling Pillow and KA linen bag for safe keeping.